Empanada City is a family owned and operated business that opened its doors on May 5, 2017, located in the Prospect Lefferts Gardens section of Brooklyn. Since opening, it has quickly grown to be a local favorite due to its great selection of empanadas, smoothies, and desserts.
The Rodriguez and Almonte families offer empanadas that are infused with spices and flavors from our native Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Creating an unmistakable blend of meat, cheese, vegetable, and fruit filled empanadas that are truly #uniquelysabroso. Accent them with one of our three homemade dipping sauces that promises to keep you coming back for more. We use the same recipes that have been enjoyed by many over the years at family gatherings, and we’re excited to be sharing them with you.
In addition to our empanadas, we offer refreshing smoothies made with all natural fruits and juices. You can ask for it by name Brianna’s Banana Berry, Jessica’s Mango Smoothie, Sonia’s Pineapple, and Gabby’s Strawberry Banana. We also offer a Morir Soñando which is an island favorite. It is a blend of Carnation Milk, Orange Juice, and a hint of Vanilla which literally translates to “Die Dreaming” – its that good!
If that wasn’t enough, we have three delicious flavors of flan – vanilla, chocolate, and coconut to finish off your meal. With your dessert, we offer Brooklyn Roasting Company Mexico blend coffee, an assortment of tea, and hot chocolate.
You can view our full menu online, and order for pickup or delivery. There is nothing we enjoy more than meeting our guests and hearing from you directly, so we hope to see you in our shop located at 363 Lincoln Road, Brooklyn, NY 11225.
Briant, Jessica, Jose, & Sonia

Briant Almonte

Jessica Almonte

Jose Rodriguez

Sonia Rodriguez